Frequently Asked Questions

Loan Application Question Payday Key

What details should I provide you to get a loan?

The loan application just requires your personal information; like your valid address, income proof, a valid bank account, and a valid email ID or phone number.

How much I can borrow?

It depends upon your eligibility and to get a loan approval criteria. If you satisfy all the terms and conditions you will get a loan.

How I'll get the loan amount?

If your application for a loan once approved, the amount deposited to your valid bank account directly.

What kind of bank account I should have to apply?

To apply at paydaykey, you need to have a valid bank account that accepts any electronic payments.

Can I reapply for a loan?

Once you repay the entire amount of the current loan, you can apply for another loan. But, if you fail or make any default to pay back you can't get any loan.

My loan application is approved but because of my incorrect bank account, I can't receive the fund. Now what I do?

If this happens somehow, then an email from us is sent to you mentioning that, due to your incorrect bank account detail, we unable to deposit the loan amount into it. We want to make our applicant information safe and for his security and privacy, we can't modify banking information again.

How does an automatic repaying system work?

For the convenience of our applicants, we make the repayment system very easy. The applicants will receive the fund directly to his valid bank account. We may send them a text regarding our money withdrawal process. The automatic repayment system is very good because the borrowers don't need to make a compromise with their monthly budget.

Can I repay the loan amount earlier?

"Of course you can" we appreciate this! There is no rule that you can't repay earlier.

What will be the result if I repaying late the loan amount?

If you late to repay only once it will never hurt you, but if you do it again you will be reported and this may cause your credit scores.